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Welcome to Laser Energy.  We are a Canadian distributor for Erchonia© Medical Corporation’s Veterinary lasers.  Erchonia© Medical is a research based company, with more Level 1 trials than all other laser companies combined.  All Erchonia© lasers are manufactured and assembled in the USA in an ISO facility.

Introducing to Canada – Therapy lasers by Erchonia©

VLS™ Veterinary Laser System – nothing heals faster!    

What are ‘Cold’ Lasers?

There is a lot of confusion as to what is and is not a low-level, or ‘cold’ laser.  Erchonia© lasers are Class II Low Level Lasers in the visible spectrum.  Class II lasers are referred to as ‘cold’ as they do not emit heat.  They work on a photo-chemical reaction that takes place in all mammals.  Photons of light are specific wavelengths of light, delivered in specific doses and frequencies, which are accepted by photon receptors under the dermis as your body was designed to do.  Through a complex molecular pathway, these photons of light are converted to ATP (adenosine triphosphate) – the cells main food.  It is then energized and able to combat numerous problems in the body. A good example of this photo-chemical reaction from an Erchonia© laser is that it works in the same way that the sun’s rays are accepted and converted into vitamin D by the body: the sunlight does not penetrate into the bones, but is absorbed by photon receptors in and under the dermis and then goes through a vast network of chemical reactions until it is converted into usable vitamin D.

What is the difference between ‘Cold’ and ‘Infra-Red’?

‘Cold laser’ is a term that you hear everywhere right now. It is the lay-term for a laser that does not generate heat. Many veterinarians and clinics believe that they have a cold laser, when in fact they have an Infra-Red laser. The clinical or science term for a Cold laser is Low-Level Laser, represented by LLLT, or 3LT. The are called Low-Level because they do not generate heat and therefore cannot damage tissue. A true cold laser can cause no harm.

Visible Spectrum of Light Waves

In the spectrum of light waves, there is a very small section of visible light – from about 390 nm to under 690 nm. Anything above 690 is in the Infra-Red spectrum and then towards the microwaves. These light waves cannot be seen and generate heat. Anything below 390 is in the Ultra Violet spectrum and them moves into X-Rays. Ultra Violet rays also cannot be seen (except by birds). It is this visible spectrum of light – like the light that we can see in a rainbow – that is the basis for therapeutic lasers used to treat a wide variety of medical conditions and injuries. Please view the article to the side:  “Low-Level Lasers – Less is More” for more information.

Inflammation is the body’s response to damaged tissues, resulting in pain and loss of mobility.  While pain-killers may help you feel better, they do nothing to improve the underlying reason for the pain and carry with them many unwanted and dangerous side effects.

*You may be surprised to find out that what you may be using is actually Infra Red laser therapy.  Many medical personnel do not know or understand the difference.  Infra Red  is above 700 nanometres and is invisible to the human eye, but there is usually a red LED bulb in it. It is mandatory so that you can see the device is on and often people think that because it is red, that it is actually a laser diode and not a red light bulb. You MUST wear protective eye wear with Infra Red devices, and MUST adhere to very stringent guidelines for use.  Infra-Red works on the principal of HEAT and is NOT a ‘cold’ or low level laser! A true ‘cold’ or Low-Level Laser can cause no harm.

Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT, 3LT or ‘Cold’ lasers) works by adding photons of light into your cells.  The photons of light are absorbed by special light receptors under the dermis of your skin, where they convert these wavelengths of light into a substance known as Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) which is a cell’s main food.  This gives the cells a new energy level that they are then able to transport to the damaged cells, causing a cascade effect where they start to replicate and repair themselves.  Very few companies manufacture a true Low Level or ‘cold’ laser.

Erchonia© lasers have a patented line-generated beam to affect the best healing response throughout the body.

The three main properties of LLLT are:

  1. antiviral / antibacterial properties
  2. reducing inflammation
  3. reducing and/or eliminating pain

In humans, Erchonia© has received numerous FDA market approvals.

Cold lasers have proven effective for:

  • any condition that is either neurological or musculoskeletal
  • directly before and after surgery to eliminate site infections, speed healing and reduce the need for pain medication
  • chronic non-healing wounds
  • pain
  • help heal broken bones and lessen associated after-issues
  • decrease inflammation associated with numerous conditions
  • lameness / arthritis / chronic degenerative conditions (Navicular Syndrome)
  • spinal trauma
  • feather picking (birds)
  • burns
  • skin allergies
  • lick granulomas (animals)
  • ear infections
  • bladder infections
  • intestinal disorders
  • gingivitis
  • abscesses / skin lesions
  • Non-surgical treatment of ACL (partial tears)
  • hip dysplasia (animals)

-Erchonia© LLLT was used at the Olympics to treat the Equestrian team horses. 

-Lindsey Vonn (champion skier) was seen using Erchonia© on the sidelines at the Winter Olympics.

-It is regularly used by Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods, the Brooke Army Hospital and sports teams such as the NY Jets, Texas Rangers, KC Chiefs and the Tour de France, to name just a few.

Treatment times:

Acute Conditions – 4 minutes – 4 to 8 treatments.  Treat twice per week.

Chronic Conditions – 6 minutes – 8 to 12 treatments.

Why Erchonia© Lasers?

ERCHONIA© Medical made history in 2002 with the first ever FDA market clearance for a Low Level, or ‘cold’ Laser Therapy (LLLT, 3LT) device.  The clinical trial results were so overwhelming that the FDA was compelled to create a brand new category for these non-heating, therapy lasers (NHN category).  Erchonia© Lasers feature a patented line-generated beam to affect not only the area of injury, but the entire dermatome pathway.  Erchonia© are the pioneers and industry leaders in LLLT, and are also the only company to back up their claims with millions of dollars spent in research, resulting in 14 FDA market clearances to date, with 10 more randomized, double blind, placebo controlled studies currently in progress.  Since the turn of the millennium, there have been many medical and peer-published articles extolling the benefits of low level laser therapy in both humans and animals.

Did you know:

  • Whenever anyone cites research and proven effects of Cold Laser Therapy (LLLT) they are almost always referring to research done by Erchonia©.

Please visit the ‘Veterinarians’ page and click the -laser petcare/case-studies link for many more cases studies and articles.

Resolution of a Large Non-Healing Wound in a Dog With Frequency-Specific Low Level Laser Therapy:  A Case Report
American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association Journal Fall 2013
Jeff Grognet, DVM, BSc & Louise Janes, BSc
Qualicum Beach, BC, CAN

Erchonia Laser Case Study – Surgery on Swan
Dr Don Mccune
Surprise, AZ
September 2014
This is the 405 set on Auto Immune 887 Fr that Dr. Bill Inman taught the summer of 2014.
These are swans that have been attacked by coyotes on golf course lakes in Sun City West, AZ.

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Soft Tissue Wound Healing.

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For all Veterinarians who would like to book a demonstration at your clinic, of an Erchonia™ therapeutic laser for pain relief or wound healing, please contact laserenergyworks1@gmail.com or phone 905-546-7073.